Veterinary Wellness Center

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Our Patients


Otis is definitely chilling after his Cytopoint and Adequan injection. No stress for this guy. He’s thankful to his mommy for keeping him itch free and taking care of the pain and inflammation in his joints.


Lalita at ease while fluids are administered. Our low-stress handling benefits this brave patient-as you can easily tell-she is calm and happy during treatment.


Cora is Heartworm free! After completing her heartworm treatment her dad enrolled her in our LiveWell Wellness Plan. Cora received her 12 month ProHeart Injection today. We will see her back in 6 months for her Bi-Annual Exam and Early Disease Detection blood screening. Our Wellness Plans are engineered to provide pets with 12 months of comprehensive preventative care. Our goal is keep your pets free from preventable diseases.


This handsome guy always comes in with a loving care note from his mama. We love looking to forward to seeing Zeus and reading his notes.


Cuddles with Addie!

Gentle Giant.

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