Dr. Whitney Hall DVMDr. Whitney Keller, DVM

Whitney grew up in the suburbs of Houston and travelled to the University of Kentucky for undergraduate studies in Biology and Piano Performance. After graduating from the University of Kentucky in 2008, her animal-crazy dream was realized by attending veterinary school at Texas A&M (Whoop!) where she graduated in 2012. Whitney practiced at a small animal emergency vet for 3 years before starting Veterinary Wellness Center in 2016.

Whitney started Veterinary Wellness Center with the goal of finding a better way to be a veterinarian and care for patients. She hopes to use VWC as a tool to increase the quality of life for both her patients and her staff. Through Veterinary Wellness Center, she is able to provide low stress handling, wellness plans, flexible staff scheduling, and staff benefits within a framework of accessible and affordable care.

In her free time, Whitney enjoys reading sci fi/fantasy novels, gardening, and spending time outdoors with her husband Brad, son Max, and eleven-year-old Brittany Spaniel Roscoe.

Shana Chaleff

Office Manager

Shana has always had a love for animals and caring for them. She especially loves educating clients on preventative care! Shana’s goal is to promote the health and well-being of every pet by giving their moms and dads the knowledge they need to provide the best life possible.

Outside of the clinic, Shana loves to play with her daughter and her daughter loves to play with their 4 dogs.

Selina Sandoval

Veterinary Assistant

Selina has always wanted to care for and work with animals. As a child, she was constantly bringing stray cats and dogs home and that still has not changed. Selina worked at a local animal shelter for several years as a kennel technician and part of the rescue and lifesaving teams. In Selina’s opinion the amount of care, client education, and patience that the staff and Doctors at Veterinary Wellness Center have is what sets us apart.

Selina loves spending time with her dog (Sweet Dee) and cat (Alfie) both of who are rescued and love to cause trouble. She also enjoys spending time with family, binge-watching horror movies, spending time at the island, road-tripping, and camping.

Liliana Aiello

Veterinary Assistant

Since she was young, Lili has always had a love for working with animals. Lili worked at a local animal shelter for several years where she was part of the medical and foster team. Lili knew that once her time at the shelter would come to an end, she wanted to continue working and caring for the animals of the RGV. Lili loves making sure every animal, whether nervous or not, is as comfortable as they can be and that their experience at VWC is the least stressful it can be.

At home, Lili has 3 dogs (Rhea, Nova, and Cosmo) and 4 cats (Plum, Bing, Speenatch, and Tofu). Several of whom are foster fails from the shelter. Lili also continues to open her home up to new shelter fosters. Outside of caring for animals, Lili loves to take care of her house plants.

Matthew Garza

Veterinary Assistant

After graduating from Texas A&M University in Kingsville, Matthew came to join the Veterinary Wellness Center team. Matthew grew up working with livestock on his family’s ranch which embedded his passion for helping animals. Matt is a customer service superstar who thrives off of our clients and patients having an exceptional visit each time they walk through our doors.
Matt’s best friend is a chocolate Labrador named Mila who helps him with his small herd of cattle. Outside of work, Matt enjoys hunting, fishing, and playing sports.

Naila Garcia

Veterinary Assistant

Naila’s love of animals and dream of becoming a veterinarian are the reasons she decided to become a technician. She graduated from Texas A&M University majoring in Biomedical Sciences. Naila also has a certification in Spanish communication and competency. She has worked as a technician since her senior year of high school and every summer throughout her undergrad career. She also worked as an animal caretaker at the Aggieland Safari. Naila loves treating each patient as if they were her own. She believes the extensive and detailed care we provide for each patient is what sets VWC apart from other clinics. She also enjoys making sure each patient is cared for emotionally, physically, and mentally with the highest quality of care.

Naila loves having movie marathons with her family, sitting outside with her dogs, and watching Gordon Ramsey cooking shows. She has 4 dogs and 1 heifer! Leah is a 9-year-old chihuahua, who is the boss of the house and loves to perch on the couch. Duchess, a chocolate Labrador, is shy at first but can’t resist cuddles! A one-year-old mixed Breed puppy, Amber Rose, is a ball of energy and smiles whenever you compliment her! Last but not least she has a 15-year-old Chinese crested named Tag who loves watching Aggie football games on Saturdays. Naila is also the proud owner of a 9month old Angus mixed heifer!

Joselyn Fonseca

Customer Service Representative

Joselyn graduated from Hidalgo Early College High School with 4 years of Law Enforcement education. She plans to continue her educational career  to study Sports Medicine in the future. Joselyn has grown up with dogs all her life and that helped kickstart her love for animals. Since starting at Veterinary Wellness Center, her love for animals has grown tremendously due to the knowledge she’s learning everyday. She loves working at Veterinary Wellness Center because of how close the staff is and is excited to be apart of the Veterinary Wellness Center Family.

When she’s not at the clinic, she enjoys playing volleyball and catching up on her Netflix shows. In her free time, she also enjoys spending time with with her fur baby, Chico, who is full of love and always ready to play.


Addie Poulton

Kennel Technician

Addie is currently attending South Texas College after spending a year studying in Montreal, Canada. Addie spent time working at a local animal shelter where she worked for the Admissions and Rescue departments. During her time at the animal shelter, Addie discovered her obsession with working to provide happier and healthier lives for animals. Addie is dedicated to providing a stress-free environment for your pets and treating them like her own. Addie’s favorite part of her job is the many opportunities to give cuddles to each patient.

Outside of work, Addie spends her time at home studying with a cup of hot tea, binge-watching Netflix, or at band practice where she plays the guitar. She has a much-loved cat named Pepper who she rescued from an alley behind a Chili’s restaurant and Daisy, a Shepherd mix who she rescued from the shelter.

Kassandra Fonseca

Customer Service Representative

Kassy is a graduate of McAllen Memorial high school and a Certified Medical Assistant. She loves interacting and greeting each pet and owner that walks into our doors. Kassy loves working with the Veterinary Wellness Center team because of how willing they are to go above and beyond to make sure your pet is well taken care of and that owners have the necessary resources to make sure their pets stay healthy!

Kassy has 3 dogs at home. Neji, a German Shepard who is shy and picky with food like Kassy. Wesley, her perfect indoor dog that will do anything with her. And last but not least Choji, thinks the world is his and requires a lot of attention from Kassy. Kassy loves spending time at home with her pets and also enjoys playing sports.

Erika Alcocer

Kennel Technician

Erika is a graduate of Texas A&M University where she studied Biomedical Sciences and Spanish. She recognizes that pets are an important part of people’s lives and took interest in learning how veterinary medicine can provide care for our furry friends to keep them healthy and their owners happy. She is excited to learn more about veterinary medicine while she works behind the scenes giving your pets the attention and care they need.

Erika loves working at Veterinary Wellness Center because of the passionate staff that cares about the well being and quality of life for their patients. She recognizes that Veterinary Wellness Center not only cares about treating your pets, but also strives to guide pet owners with information on caring for a happy pet.

When she’s not at the clinic, Erika loves relaxing, watching Netflix and drawing. She also enjoys hanging out with her dog, Hercules, who enjoys chin scratches and sunbathing.